Carb vent filter

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Carb vent filter

Mikuni's range of carburetors are a common sight on nearly every Japanese motorcycle ever built, ranging in form from a simple round-slide carburetor to the more-complex constant velocity carburetor.

While a Mikuni carburetor is reliable and generally requires little attention beyond regular cleaning, problems can and will occur. A fuel leak, starting from the carburetor's vent tube, can be worrisome affair for many motorcyclists. In order to fix the problem, you need to understand what causes the leak in the first place.

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Mikuni's motorcycle-specific carburetors use a float-type fuel delivery system. The float is a hinged valve that literally floats on the fuel surface within the carburetor's lower float chamber.

As fuel is drawn into the carburetor jets, the fuel level decreases and lowers the float. This in turn opens the valve and admits more fuel into the float chamber, raising the float again and closing the valve. This process occurs over and over, keeping the fuel at a predetermined level at all times.

A carburetor float is usually a plastic or brass component that is made up of two floating ends joined by central bridge that pivots within a pair of towers cast into the bottom of the carburetor. Most Mikuni floats have a tang at the center of the bridge that is used to push the fuel valve upward into the valve seat, restricting the incoming flow of fuel. In some cases, the tang is adjustable to raise or lower the fuel level for performance tuning purposes.

If the tang is moved upward, the fuel level is decreased and vice-versa. It should be noted that plastic floats usually do not have this type of adjustment available to them. The carburetor's internal fuel level is directly correlated to the float height, as determined by the float's tang. If the tang is lowered too far -- bent down to an almost flush position with the central float bridge -- the float's height, and the fuel level, will increase beyond a safe limit and overfill the float chamber.

The excess fuel will begin to leak out of the vent tubes built into the carburetor body in an attempt to return the fuel level to its normal limit. However, since the float height was set too high, it will continue to admit fuel into the carburetor. Additionally, the excess fuel may find its way into the engine through the carburetor jets, where it could leak past the piston and into the engine oil. The combination of fuel and oil results in a thinned mixture that reduces the oil's ability to lubricate the engine, causing premature engine wear and failure, if left unchecked.

The exact method to reset your carburetor's float height and fuel level will differ between motorcycle manufacturers and individual model types. This being said, most manufacturers specify a maximum fuel level between 10 to 25 mm below the float chamber's mating surface.


This is checked by placing a clear plastic tube onto the drain nozzle at the bottom of the float chamber, which is then bent up and around the side of the carburetor in a U-shape. The float chamber drain screw is then loosened to fill the tube with fuel. The amount of fuel held in the tube is representative of the internal fuel level. Next, the carburetor is removed and drained, then the float chamber is removed to access the float.

The float tang must be bent either upward to lower the fuel level, or downward to raise the fuel level. Once the float has been adjusted, the carburetor is reinstalled and the fuel level check must be performed again. A vent hose fuel leak can also occur if the float valve does not seat properly in a fully closed position, allowing fuel to continue to fill the float chamber regardless of the float position.

This is often caused by debris trapped between the float valve and valve seat or deformation of the float valve tip. The float valve should be inspected and cleaned, if the fuel leak continues after setting the fuel level via float height adjustments.

The valve tip should appear uniformly pointed without any side-to-side deviations or blunting. If the valve is distorted or worn, both the valve and its seat should be replaced immediately.Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. BillroyFeb 14, At the time, after researching most threads on the canisterectomy it seemed that most people were reporting success with fitting some form of filter on the carb vents just below the airbox to prevent possible dirt from finding it's way up the vent hose and into the carbs.

I added a small fuel filter metal exterior with paper filter interior just after the Y in the carb vents right below the airbox. Next I added staintune exhaust and raised the stock needle one clip and went for good long test ride.

Next I added a 45 pilot and put the stock needle back to clip 2 and went for a test ride. Outstanding performance. The bike was flying like a homesick angel and then after 15 mins into my ride upon landing the front wheel after a great power wheelie the engine just suddenly died.

I cranked and cranked and finally the engine sputtered to life and began backfiring and spitting something fierce before finally dieing again. I trailered the bike home and didn't have a chance to look at it as I was late for another engagement now.

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The next day I went into my shop and the bike fired right up so I figured it must have been the much-talked-about tank vent issue so I removed the one-way tank vents top that I had installed in case they may have clogged, removed both tanks and checked to make sure I wasn't kinking the lower tank vents or fuel supply hose and reinstalled.

I went for another ride and this time, only 5 minutes into the ride with unbelievable performance, again after landing from a wheelie the engine just died instantly. I opened the tank caps, checked the fuel petcocks and cranked and cranked til the battery died.

I pushed the bike home as I had stayed close this time. I spent a sleepless night trying to figure out what it could be that would cause a bike to die after a wheelie.

carb vent filter

Surely it couldn't be some demon KTM installed in the bike to keep people from stunting or killing themselves I went through all the things I had done to the bike. Exhaust change: that wouldn't cause great performance followed by death after 15 mins. Jetting: usually jetting will let you know right away if your changes are correct -not after 15 minutes and not by a sudden stall.

Canisterectomy: I had done this several rides before, why would it come back to haunt me now? Then it hit me. The bike was dieing exactly the same way my previous dirt bike honda crfR did when I tried to ride through a creek more than 10" deep.

Only one tank vent hose hanging down below the bike and as soon as it touched water the engine died. The next morning I took the right tank off, reached under the airbox and cut off the filter that I had installed on the tank vent hose. I blew on the filter and it was hard to blow until a big slosh of fuel spurted out.

In the garbage it went.

Carburetor & EFI Accessories

Now the carbs are vented to atmosphere just below the airbox.Gas leaks around the air filter usually indicate problems with valves inside your engine and how it is processing gas. Read below to learn what specifically could be causing your lawn mower and small engines to leak gas through the vent tube and air filter. Always handle fuel with extreme care.

Never attempt to start or operate an engine or machine that has a fuel leak. Always read the engine and equipment manual s before starting,operating, or servicing your engine or equipment to avoid personal injury or property damage.

Find all Engine Safety Warnings. Gas leaks around the lawn mower air filter can indicate your engine valves are not working properly. If your engine has a fuel shut-off valve, ensure that this valve is closed when the engine is not in use. Check for any signs of valve damage that could prevent it from automatically closing when the engine stops running.

If it stays open and sticks, it could indicate that the valve is worn-out and in need of a replacement. Another common cause of gas leaking around air filters is due to carburetor issues. Cleaning or replacing your carburetor or fuel float may be necessary, but make sure to understand how to troubleshoot or service carburetors before taking action.

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Contact Us. How-To Articles.It was nice to meet some locals and learn more of the Icelandic culture through them. Everyone was very helpful and kind. There was no part of the trip that we did not feel completely comfortable with through your help.

We will certainly consider the Nordic Visitor group for all of our travels to the Nordic area. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the guest houses. The suggestions for the route was excellent and Erla Sonja was very flexible in allowing us to make changes to our itinerary. The trip was well above our expectation and we've already recommended Nordic Visitor to 3 of our friends. We travel all over the world and this was by far the best self-drive vacation we've ever had.

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Hilmar was a delight to work with and it was really nice to have the same person from my first email all the way through to final documents and beyond. Our only regret was that he was in a meeting when we dropped into the office on our last day - so we didn't end up seeing him. Having that personal touch is a real strength for Nordic Visitor and it made the process of being able to customise our itinerary so much easier.

We have already recommend your company to people who have asked about how we did our Iceland trip. We absolutely loved Iceland (as you can probably tell from our comments. Our lodgings often exceeded our expectations (we pre-selected a moderately-priced package) and the day tours recommended to us were all top-rate.

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We feel fortunate that we connected with Nordic Visitor and cannot recommend its services highly enough. All of our hotels were much higher quality than we would have booked ourselves. They were wonderful and the breakfasts were fabulous. The personnel were so friendly and often went out of their way to help. We appreciated the markings on the maps.

The only bit of complaint we had was that the young man at the car rental did not give very good directions to the car garage. It was hard for my husband to walk that far. We should have called a taxi. The GPS in the car gave good directions. My husband was not used to the gas saving engine shut off and he thought there was something wrong with the car. I presumed it was to save gas, and he finally got used to it. The best part was that we found where my grandparents had lived and were born.I can't say enough good things about our experience with Nordic Visitor.

They thought of everything beforehand--as a result, I had a stress-free, fun-filled vacation with no negative surprises. It was the perfect blend of independence, comforts through great accommodations in easy locations, and the help of getting to and from the airport was super.

Just enough to take away the hassles and give me time to enjoy the location and adventure. Would not change a single thing. Our guide Christina was very knowledgable of culture and history. Lots of old sagas.

Why is there a gas leak by the small engine air filter & vent tube?

And we had non stop destinations of wonder Norway was simply spectacularly beautiful. Thank you for making our arrangements so easy.

Sara was great to work with. The whole service was excellent.

My Mikuni Carburetor Leaks Gas From the Vent

Kolbrun kept us informed beforehand of the arrangements she was making and answered our queries promptly and clearly. All the timings and arrangements worked out with no complications leading to a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

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carb vent filter

We had never heard of Nordic Visitor before we booked but found them on the Internet when we were researching holidays to Iceland. We particularly liked the opportunity to contact our consultant on a toll free number in advance to discuss our requirements. The consultant was able to adapt the tour in the brochure to meet our needs and was very prompt in contacting us with a bespoke itinerary and a quote.

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carb vent filter

I have never heard of Iceland sagas before this trip. He was so enthusiastic about the Northern Lights. I am so glad I saw it and he took a photo of us for our remembrance. After seeing it on 15 April he still continued to go out on subsequent evenings to see if we could view it further as he said that might a chance to see it.

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It was well organised - all arrangements timed perfectly - good background information in the itinery We thought our guide was absolutely wonderful. I loved all of it, and I appreciated the amount of time we spent as a group and also the time to be on our own. The transportation from city to city was excellent, and the ferry ride to Oslo from Copenhagen was fantastic.

Everything in the itinerary was in place and there were no hassles. All the hotels selected by you were wonderful.

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Overall a wonderful experience. Helga, our tour consultant, went above and beyond with her service.

Beware of adding filter to carb vents (after canisterectomy)

We really appreciated the detailed maps she had for us in our package. She gave us lots of options and ideas for things to do as we traveled - even marking places where we could get homemade ice cream along the way. We enjoyed our trip so much that we stopped in to the office at the end of the trip to thank Helga again. We even made a video clip, telling about some of our great experiences. Iceland is a beautiful country. This tour was a perfect way to share the beauty and the friendliness of the country.

It made it more of an adventure to self drive, go our own pace, choose our own sights, but all the while with the security of excellent support materials provided by Nordic Visitor.Let us know how we can improve: Thanks for your feedback. Let us know how this article helped: Submit Thanks for your feedback.

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